Lawn care Service

Lawn Care Services

Lawn Care Services from Initial Property Care – Much more than mowing, at Initial Property Care we have carefully created a wide range of lawn care (grounds care) services and treatments to ensure your lawn and grounds receive everything they could possibly need to thrive. Each lawn is unique and we carefully inspect and assess your lawn to ensure the services and treatments provided deliver long term results.

Although historically a specialist service offered by our commercial arm servicing visitors centres, gardens gold courses and sporting facilities the residential lawn care service was introduced in Spring 2019 and has already proven to be extremely popular.

Initial Property Care offer a wide range of lawn and grounds care services from simply routine maintenance to an intensive make over. Whether its a one off project or a complete rolling maintenance program Initial Property Care are dedicated to providing first class services at competitive prices.

Our current client list consists of;

  • Domestic Customers
  • Hotels
  • Retail and Leisure Complexes
  • Sporting Facilities
  • Commercial Properties
  • Schools and Educational Facilities
  • Church’s and Community Centres
  • Play Areas

Whatever the task Initial Property Cares team will provide expert advice and a free no obligation quotation.

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One off lawn care

One Off Lawn Care

Initial Property Care can help you regain control over your lawns and grounds. Whether its become overgrown with weeds, thinned out, died or simply overgrown. Initial Property Care will individually tailor its services to suit you, your lawn and your budget. View One Off Lawn Care

Mow and Go

Possibly one of the most popular lawn care services among both residential and commercial clients. The Mow and Go service is exactly as the name suggests, our team will visit your premises on a pre-arranged schedule to maintain your garden and grounds to mow your lawns, trim edges, cut privets, weed etc. View Mow & Go

Regular Lawn Care
Grounds Maintenance

Regular Maintenance

More in depth than the Mow and Go service the regular maintenance service is will provide a wide range of services to ensure your lawn and grounds look their best.

After carefully analysing the current condition of your lawns and grounds we can develop a unique maintenance program combining a wide range of services to deliver and maintain pristine lawns and grounds. View Regular Maintenance

Seasonal Treatments

Initial Property Care offer a wide range of treatments designed to enhance your lawn from seasonal fertilisers and top dressings to weed and moss control.

Although available as a standalone service, the treatments on offer work well as part of a maintenance program to deliver pristine well manicured lawns throughout the year. View Seasonal Treatments

Seasonal Lawn Treatments

Areas Covered

Initial Property Care offer an extensive range of professional service. The available areas differs slightly depending on the service required. Our range of expert pressure washing services are available in and around the following areas.

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Additional Services

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